The Mountain Swim Series is excited to be coming into its fifth year in 2019! This series is designed to bring a new level of Open Water Swimming to the Rocky Mountain Region. With prizes for the top three males and females in both wetsuit and non-wetsuit divisions, this series offers the opportunity to swim and race in the open water at over a mile high in elevation.  

2019 will consist of five events.

The first event will be the Solstice Swim in Longmont, CO. In this event, participants have the option of swimming either a 1.2 or a 2.4 mile course.  This event is a great warm up for the Castle 10K at Lake Wellington or for other swims later in the year.

The second event is the hugely popular Carter Lake Crossing in Berthoud, CO – an end-to-end ~three mile swim. This event is located at one of the most picturesque reservoirs on the front range. Carter Lake is excited to bring this event back in 2019.

The third event will be the Chatfield Classic. This event will be held at the Chatfield Gravel Pond and participants will have the option of swimming either the 1 mile course, the 2 mile course, or both. 

The fourth event was new in 2018 and will be back to test each participants' skill and toughness.  "The Cliff" Backyard Ultra will be held at Wellington Lake, which is at approximately 8,000 feet.  Participants will be requried to complete a 1.5 mile loop each hour until they tap out or until time expires and they are forced into a swim off. 

The fifth event is the Castle 5K/10K.  This event which was started by Cliff Crozier and Karen Reeder, will be held at Wellington Lake.  It offers swimmers the highest timed 10K swim in the United States at approximately 8,000 feet.  Swimmers will have the option of swimming a 5K or a 10K swim in this beautiful reservoir. This is the final event of the year the overall swim series prizes will be distributed at this event.

 All Mountain Swim Series events will be insured and supported by safety watercraft, lifeguards, and paramedics/EMTs, however, any person signing up for these events should be a competent swimmer and be able to consistently hold a 2:30 per 100 yard pace or faster.